Someone made a matching trailer for this old Audi RS4 Avant [video]

An interesting older generation Audi RS4 Avant has received a matching trailer that looks virtually the same as the rear half of the car.

The car was spotted in The Netherlands by Youtube user “Gumbal” while participating at a supercar meeting where it was one of the most popular cars, even though this Audi RS4 Avant of the B5 generation isn’t exactly supercar material. The trailer looks exactly the same as the rear half of the car and comes with matching roof rails, functional taillights, identical exhaust tips and it even has a fuel cap.

When viewed from behind it looks virtually the same as the car’s rear end, but in reality it’s just a perfectly replicated trailer made by Andre Botter of Botter Tuning. It would be interesting to see how the interior looks like, but given the exceptional work done on the outside, we can only assume the “cabin” is nothing short of greatness.

You probably have noticed the car’s lowered stance is mirrored by the trailer which also has matching wheels and even brake calipers while the roof antenna is there just to complete the cohesive look.

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