South Korea Accuses VW Of False Advertising, Plans Record Fine

Volkswagen may be enjoying a sales increase in most parts of the globe, but they have yet to settle with South Korean authorities when it comes to the cheating emissions scandal.

After having suspended most of their sales in the Asian country this summer, the automotive giant is now facing a record fine of 37.3 billion won ($31.84 million) for false advertising of their cars, Reuters writes.

These were promoted as environmentally friendly, despite being equipped with the deceptive devices. Punishments for these claims, which were described as “false, exaggerated or deceptive“, are up to two years in jail or fines up to 150 million won ($128,000), as a Fair Trade Commission (FTC) official states.

The regulator admitted that he would ask prosecutors to investigate the Volkswagen headquarters, along with their South Korean unit and five former and current chiefs, including the Audi Head of Sales Overseas Terence Bryce Johnsson, and Audi’s VP of Sales for the Americas, Andre Konsbruck.

Audi Volkswagen Korea (AVK), on the other hand, announced that they have yet to be informed on the decision, and commented: “AVK is committed to rebuilding trust with the authorities, and with customers and other stakeholders in Korea.