Super Bowl 50’s best TV ads with creativity and humor

Super Bowl 50: Budweiser Helen Mirren Ad

Another Super Bowl has come and gone with the victorious Denver Broncos, plus an array of various TV ads making their expensive debut during commercial breaks. The game may be over, though these ads will live on till their respective run during our favorite television shows, programs, and events. Technically speaking, the first celebrity ad to appear in a Super Bowl broadcast was in 1974. Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath, one of the MVPs honored at Super Bowl 50 was the spokesperson for Noxema shaving cream.

Ten years later at Super Bowl XVIII, the first of four Tampa has hosted, featured the first branded product debut of Apple – “1984.” It was based on the George Orwell novel “1984.” Since that time, the momentum has been building for ad agencies to go all out in presenting an ad that will have everybody talking, whether good or bad. Super Bowl 50 was certainly no exception with its ads that were somewhat controversial (Doritos) or weird (Mountain Dew’s “Puppy Monkey Baby”), and clever. It’s the latter that will reveal these five best Super Bowl TV ads presented for its creativity, message, and humor. They all list the brand and official title.

Audi R8 – “Commander”

No Super Bowl is complete without a barrage of television commercials for vehicles for every kind of viewer, even a high-end vehicle from Audi. It features actual film footage of an Apollo mission launch en route to the moon. The former Commander astronaut longs for his glory days until this Audi R8 brings him back to space (if only in his mind) with its high-powered engine. A most fitting tribute featured David Bowie’s “Starman” as the perfect sound bite track.

Budweiser – “Simply Put”

Oscar and Tony winner for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II, Dame Helen Mirren appears in her first ever Super Bowl ad. Not only is she pitching Budweiser beer, Mirren also makes an acerbic plea against drunk drivers. The Super Bowl is definitely no stranger to PSAs or public service announcements rolled into a product commercial.

Hyundai Genesis – “First Date”

Here’s another TV ad featuring a celebrity with comedian Kevin Hart as a concerned father. His daughter is about to go on her first date, so the dad offers his brand new Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan to the boyfriend. Little does the loving couple know their vehicle features the Car Finder tracking device. This enables dad to travel to all their clandestine spots making sure nothing happens, and his daughter arrives safe and sound (if not upset and her date scared).

Avocados from Mexico – “Avos in Space”

You either love it or hate it. Quirky ads always seem to slip in during every Super Bowl while sometimes scratching your head about them. It’s so way out there it deserves to be on a “best of” list. It’s a group of aliens visiting a long, long ago 20th and 21st century museum. The alien tour guide shows them a Rubik’s Cube, cramped airline seats in coach class, Scott Baio (?), and an avocado tree. Next to it features a bowl of guacamole dip since Avocados from Mexico are always in season. How is Scott Baio even relevant?

Toyota Prius – “The Longest Chase”

It’s by far the most entertaining Super Bowl ad of the night. A band of bank robbers’ getaway car is being towed, so they take a Toyota Prius off a parking lot instead (leaving a bag of stolen money for the owner). In high pursuit every police car, helicopter, news station van, etc. cannot catch this high-powered vehicle with a very savvy driver. This ad is modeled after the live broadcast of the O.J. Simpson white Ford Bronco chase in 1994 and the film “The Chase” starring Charlie Sheen (also released in 1994 before O.J.’s infamous outlaw run).