The Audi Q3 Connected Mobility has a built-in electric scooter

Audi Connected Mobility rear longboard

Audi has debuted a concept at this year’s Beijing Motor Show, but it’s not what we usually see at these events. It looks like a regular Q3 at first glance, but it showcases a new electric longboard scooter that’s stored in a fold-out drawer under the rear bumper.

While that doesn’t sound particularly amazing, its actually a clever idea by Audi to help alleviate congestion in cities. The electrically-powered longboard is capable of 7.4 miles on a charge at a top speed of 18.6mph, and neatly folds into a compartment underneath the boot.

Audi Connected Mobility packing away

That storage tray charges the scooter as you drive along, but even more clever is how the car’s sat-nav system works. It uses real-time traffic data to detect if it will be quicker to drive the car or use the longboard to get to your destination. If it’s the latter, it will then find a parking space where you can leave the car and jump on your board.

The longboard has a mount on its handlebars for your smartphone, so you can download your destination to it and follow the on-screen instructions. Of course, this is merely in concept form at the moment but who knows, we could all be all be taking to our longboards to beat the traffic in future.