This Airbnb Rental Includes An Audi R8, 80 Acres Of Dry Lakebed [w/Video]

One of the best parts about traveling – for driving enthusiasts anyway – is experiencing different roads in different parts of the world. This vacation house, then, ought to provide the ultimate experience a gearhead could ask for.

It’s called the Rondolino Residence, and it doesn’t actually have an address… just geographical coordinates. It’s located on an 80-acre plot on a dry lakebed near Scotty’s Junction in the Nevada desert. And as any speed demon worth his salt could tell you, a dry lakebed – especially in the southwestern United States – is the best place to see how fast a car can go.

Fortunately the rental includes an Audi R8 in the garage, with a full tank of gas and no obstructions for miles around. The full VIP treatment also includes chauffeured transportation from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, a personal chef to prepare all meals, and evening entertainment. Only seven three-day slots will be available via Airbnb in October, with the one slot to be posted each day from September 18-24. And you can bet they’ll book up as fast as an R8 can pick up speed.