This Audi B2 Coupe Rocks A Bespoke Interior

Cars like the Audi B2 are slowly becoming classic collectibles, and it’s only fitting to keep them in top-notch condition or preserve them to retain their value.

Granted, the B2 Coupe was eclipsed by its AWD turbocharged sibling, the Quattro, so it isn’t a strain on the wallet, but a well-maintained example is an Audi collector’s dream and could command more than $15,000.

So, the owner of this immaculate GT variant wanted to further enhance his cars appearance, that’s why he commissioned aftermarket specialist Carbon Motors to come up with a fresh new design for the cabin.

The Audi’s cloth interior was completely upholstered in custom, handcrafted leather, and Alcantara complemented by decorative stitching. According to Carbon Motors, the Lava Orange exterior paint job was matched with a black and orange combination at the interior.

Apart from the seats, the gear shifter and the steering wheel also received special treatment, while the headliner was trimmed in black Alcantara for a sportier look.

The modifications brought to the car doesn’t transform it into an elegant coupe, but enhances its austere interior.