This Is The Audi Group S Rally Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Rallying’s craziest era undoubtedly came during the Group B championship in the mid-1980’s. The cars used were so insane and so fast that after a number of serious crashes, the category was cancelled and resigned to the history books.

Just before its cancellation however, work commenced on a number of cars tipped to be even more extreme, occupying the ‘Group S’ class. Audi was one of the manufacturers to begin development of its Group B car successor and created a prototype with a mid-engined layout, a space-frame chassis and an even more insane variant of the firm’s flagship turbocharged five-cylinder engine.

Despite residing in a museum for most of its life, the car was recently brought out to the public for the Eifel Rallye Festival in Germany.

While the lucky driver didn’t show off its performance capabilities, the sheer styling of the car and its aerodynamic aids tell you all you need to know about how fast it would have been in its hey day.