Top Gear drag races #4: Audi RS6 vs Merc-AMG E63 S

This week we’re pitching two heavy payload workhorses against each other. And I can tell you how this one pans out: in the only area that matters, the Mercedes has this one sewn up.

We’re talking boot volume. A 695-litre load bay that expands to 1,950 litres when you fold the back seats flat. Room for many more Labradors than the RS6’s 565/1680-litre measurements.

I digress, of course. At the business end, these cars are much more evenly matched. Both employ a twin-turbo V8, 4.0-litres for the Audi plays 5.5 for the Merc. There’s not much in it for power (552bhp versus the Merc’s 577bhp), but on torque the Merc romps ahead (516lb ft against 590lb ft).

But the one significant advantage the RS6 enjoys here is 4WD. Which, when you’ve got two tons to get off the line (they both weigh 1950kg or thereabouts), is very helpful. So as you watch the video look at the claimed acceleration time of the RS6 and then what it actually did…