Underground Racing’s 2,200-HP Audi R8 Should Probably Be Illegal

Never satisfied with performance figures that are merely impressive, Underground Racing has taken a crack at tuning the 2017 Audi R8. And the new figures are the definition of insane.

This bright yellow R8 is the first of the second-generation models to receive a twin-turbo setup, and although they’re still applying the finishing touches, Underground Racing is already sharing some details. As has been the case with its other builds—perhaps most notably the Lamborghini Huracan that holds the half-mile speed world record—the 2017 R8 will have five different levels of modification available.


The $49,000 “Base” setup adds the twin-turbo system, but retains the stock ECU and makes 800 horsepower (all to the wheels) on pump gas. Spend another $10,000 to step up to “Stage 1,” and the R8 pumps out 900 horsepower with race fuel. Keep in mind that the standard R8 V10 Plus comes with a measly 610 horsepower, and MotorTrend managed to get it to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

Assuming the conditions are the same, the tires are the same, and there’s race fuel in the tank, you can only imagine how much more performance both the “Base” and “Stage 1″ setups add to the mix. But wait, there’s more.

The $69,000 “Stage 2″ package is good for 850 horsepower on pump gas, and a mellow 1,000 horsepower on race fuel. Move up to the “Stage 3″ package, which will set you back two BMW M2s ($100,000), and you’re looking at some serious engine modifications.

“Stage 3″ will net you 1,000 horsepower on pump gas, and 1,250 horsepower on race fuel. There’s also a “Race” version of this package that bumps the horsepower up to 1,150 on pump gas, 1,500 horsepower on race fuel. Most tuners would call it a day when they get into Bugatti Chiron territory—but oh no, not Underground Racing.

The fifth and final package is called “X,” and that seems only fitting, considering that’s what might appear in the eyes of the competition after a run on the drag strip. The price is undisclosed at this time, but it’s safe to assume that you could probably buy a second R8 for about the same amount. Opting for the “X” package brings secret modifications that return staggering figures of 1,200 horsepower on pump gas, and a claimed 2,200 horsepower (possibly more) on race fuel. Hot. Damn.

Look for a Underground Racing 2017 Audi R8s at the Texas Mile this October, or any other drag race event where there’s no speed limit, and everyone is looking to set a record.

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