Unusual Suspects: Tesla Model S P85D v Audi RS7 v Alpina XD3 On Track

The result of this three-headed track battle was far closer than you’d have imagined looking at the three contenders.

The Tesla Model S P85D had the most power and torque, the Audi proved surprisingly good through the corners, according to Steve Sutcliffe of AutoExpress, and the best word used to describe the Alpina XD3 is ‘rapid.’

Obviously, the latter is an SUV so the track is not its natural habitat, but as the lap times showed, having the least power of the trio didn’t hurt it.

The Audi proved to be the revelation of the group, and ultimately ended up achieving the best time, but even on such a short track all three proved they can take a corner at speed well, with an asterisk for the more top-heavy BMW.

Check out the video posted below!

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