[Video] Audi issues pancake-teaser depicting Audi Q2 headlights

[Video] Audi issues pancake-teaser depicting Audi Q2 headlights image

The Ingolstadt-based automaker appears to have caught the teaser fever since it just can’t stop trying to build hype for the latest new entry in the crossover family – the Q2.

The Germans have been keeping their latest addition tightly under wraps for quite a while but now that the Geneva Motor Show is starting next week and the premiere will take place there they have started revealing bits and pieces. It’s interesting to have the Q2 model teased in this form though: for the first time ever in the automotive industry a professional baking artist was tasked to deliver a pancake depicting the front end of the car: he used a stove and vanilla and chocolate flavors. The end result looks delicious – though the car itself appears to remain a regular Q affair so uniqueness and groundbreaking are out of the question.

There are numerous subcompact crossovers now on the market after the love/hate Nissan Juke started the trend but actually there are very few produced by premium automakers. The biggest threat for Audi’s Q2 will actually be coming from Mini’s next generation Countryman instead of BMW or Mercedes. We’re expecting the duo to battle on the performance front in the near future too thanks to the JCW Countryman and jacked-up SQ2 derivatives.