VIDEO: Audi R8 V10 plus 5.2 FSI Around Phillip Island

The Audi R8 as we presently know it is not long for this world. It’s been around since 2007, (eight years is a long time in car land) and an all-new model is set to land on our shores in 2016 as a V10-only offering.

But though it may be showing a few crow’s feet (especially in its interior design), the 404kW/540Nm R8 V10 plus still has what it takes to qualify as a genuine supercar.

To remind ourselves of its on-track prowess we took one for a few laps of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit with a helmet-mounted GoPro to show you just what it’s like.

Designed with Moto GP in mind, Phillip Island’s long, flowing corners allowed us to explore the R8 V10 plus’ incredible speed and superb chassis balance – along with the stupendous stopping power of its standard carbon-ceramic brakes.

And it’s something that you can experience too as part of Audi‘s Driving Experience program.

Provided you’ve already stepped up through the beginner-level Advanced Driving Experience and intermediate-level Performance Driving Experience, the Audi Sportscar Experience puts you behind the wheel of an R8 V10 plus on a bona-fide race track like Phillip Island.

It costs $3300, but for your money you also get expert tutelage from experienced driving instructors – many of whom are professional racing drivers.

What’s it like? The video above shows you what you can expect, except the Audi Sportscar Experience will last you a full day rather than a few laps. Enjoy!

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