[Video] Captain America: Civil War looks pretty stocked up on Audi’s Q7 SUV

[Video] Captain America: Civil War looks pretty stocked up on Audi’s Q7 SUV image

Unless you’re really not into the superhero genre then you know the latest Marvel flick will have a blockbuster roster of characters fighting each other off in Captain America: Civil War.

The fan base is looking up to the action movie, a direct continuation both of the Captain America: The Winter War and Avengers: Age of Ultron story line. The short version is that Captain America and Ironman are on separate sides and the rest of the superhero community will rally with one or the other. The setup is pretty much interesting – instead of getting a simple villain (Ultron was really, really simple) – you’ll be getting a villain masterminding the clash between some of our most beloved characters out there in the fictional world. Out in US theaters starting May 6th, Captain America also looks pretty much full of Audi models. That’s not really a surprise since Ironman (Robert Downey Jr) had been using the brand since its first solo adventures.

What’s really a shame is that the marketing – read dollar grab – hook-up between Audi and Marvel is looking very close to the shitty job from the Heineken – James Bond deal. The Spectre movie featured tie-ins with the titular character drinking the beer but most importantly on TV screens we got a commercial with Daniel Craig reprising the role. And it was one of the worst commercials we’ve ever seen. Now the Audi spot looks the part as well, simply ruining our expectations for the actual move with what looks like unfinished CGI footage and stupid supporting characters.