[Videos] New Audi Q5 teaser presents its tech goodies

[Videos] New Audi Q5 teaser presents its tech goodies image

The second generation Q5 crossover will be produced in Mexico, but before the official presentation takes place we get to know some of the high-tech features, such as the dynamic turn signals and matrix LED headlights.

Audi seems to love overly-long teaser campaigns – we had a painstaking reveal process for the A5/ S5 Coupe – and we’re now apparently back with a new installment in the case of the all-new Q5. The brand has decided to use the hashtag “#Qriosity,” and in one of the short clips we get to see the luxurious crossover playing around with the optional matrix LED headlights – they are smart and will blank out the light that can potentially blind the other drivers. It will dial down glare thanks to the high-tech headlights’ auto-dimming function that is activated if highly reflective surfaces are detected up front.

The new Q5 will be introduced on September 29 on the eve of the Paris Motor Show, riding the same MLB Evo architecture as the new A4, meaning it will shed an estimated 220 pounds (100 kilograms) even though the crossover could have increased dimensions to deliver a roomier interior. While the powertrain components will be taken from the A4 series, the design inspiration is represented by the new Q7. And while the first Q5 was produced in Ingolstadt, Germany, the second generation is scheduled for build at the company’s new assembly facility in San José Chiapa, Mexico, with production scheduled to commence before the start of next year.