VW Announces Diesel Fix For Euro Models Fitted With EA189 Engines

The VW Group finally revealed the fix measures for the EA189-eqquiped models in Europe to the German Motor Transport Authority.

The affected models with the 1.6TDI engine will be fitted with a mesh that VW calls “flow transformer” directly in front of the air mass sensor in order to calm the swirled air flow in front of the component, improving this way the accuracy of its readings. In addition to the installation of this mesh, a software upgrade will be performed and the total time for this fix is estimated to be less than an hour.

Models with the 2.0-litre engines will require just a software upgrade in order to get them back in line with the European emissions standards. VW says that the whole procedure of these fixes is a relatively straight-forward and customer-friendly task.

The company also announced that they will present to German authorities a software fix towards the end of the month regarding the 1.2-litre diesel engine, also involved in the Dieselgate scandal.

These technical measures were accepted by the German Motor Transport Authority and VW is expected to issue a recall for the affected models, starting from January 2016. The company expects that fixing all the engine variants involved in the emissions’ scandal will extend over the whole calendar year 2016.

VW also says that the objective of these measures was to bring its models back in line with the emission norms “without any adverse effects on the engine output, fuel consumption and performance.” However, as the company has yet to measure all model variants, the achievement of this objective cannot yet be finally confirmed.

Audi, Seat and Skoda are also developing similar measures for their affected models.