VW Considering Anything From Software Upgrades To Outright Replacing Affected Diesel Models

As the October 7 deadline approaches, VW is considering various solutions for fixing the rigged diesel models, including from a simple software update to replacing cars with new ones.

The German car-maker is discussing its options ahead of talks with regulators around the world and tomorrow’s October 7 deadline to present a plan in Germany. Volkswagen’s possible solutions to the ‘Dieselgate’ also include installing bigger catalytic converters in order to neutralize the extra emissions.

The cost for the fixes is estimated between 20€ (about $22) and as much as 10,000€ per car, with the final solution probably be different from regulator to regulator, meaning that this week’s German plan won’t necessarily be the same elsewhere.

The Group is going to upgrade not just VW models but also Audis, Seats and Skodas as they have admitted the use of a secret software code to cheat the US emissions tests for years in some of their diesel cars and more specifically those with EA189 1.6L and 2.0L diesel engines fitted.

Volkswagen’s stock has lost 42 per cent of its value since the Dieselgate revealed on September 18, forcing the Group’s CEO to quit his position. The German company has also announced its newer Euro 6-compliant models do not have the infamous software code as this was designed for the Euro 5 emission standards.

Via Bloomberg

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