VW design chief resigns amid emissions scandal

VW design chief resigns amid emissions scandal

Volkswagen’s design chief, Walter de Silva, has reportedly resigned amid the growing emissions scandal.

The executive became head of SEAT’s design center in the late ’90s, eventually gaining responsibility for Audi and Lamborghini in 2002 and the entire VW Group by 2007. His design language is said to have bene apparent in the sixth-generation Audi A6 and A5 Coupe.

“Walter de Silva is primarily focused on the task of establishing and nurturing a common design culture across all brands, which will nevertheless allow each brand to retain a high degree of creative autonomy,” VW wrote in its executive curriculum vitae.

The executive is said to be departing at the end of November and no successor has yet been confirmed, according to an Auto Motor und Sport report.

It is unclear if de Silva’s resignation is related to the emissions scandal, or potentially the restructuring effort that aims to give individual brands a higher level of leadership autonomy.

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