VW Diesel Fix Reportedly Ready in a

2015 Volkswagen Beetle TDI

With just eight days left for Volkswagen to present a solution to its emissions-cheating diesels, the automaker has reportedly come up with a fix that will put its 11 million cars into compliance.

According to Reuters, CEO Matthias Müller said Volkswagen would contact TDI owners within “the next few days” to bring in their cars for repair. Müller could be referring to European customers, as Volkswagen and Audi of America have not initiated an official recall. Reached for comment, a U.S. VW spokesman said, “We don’t have any information on what the remedy might be at the moment, but we are working on it as a matter of the utmost urgency.”

On September 27, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority demanded the automaker plan its repair schedule by October 7 or face an outright ban on the affected cars from driving in the country. On Monday, a report claimed that Bosch—the supplier behind VW’s engine-management software—told the company in 2007 that it was illegal to use the software on anything but test vehicles. Another report claimed that Volkswagen shelved the use of a urea-injection system when it was developing the diesel engines in 2005 because the move saved $335 per car.

For its part, the company has set up a website for information about its noncompliant TDI models, vwdieselinfo.com, so presumably when VW is ready to initiate a recall it will post that news there.

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