VW Golf R 400 latest victim of emissions scandal fallout?

VW Golf R 400 latest victim of emissions scandal fallout?

Volkswagen‘s flagship Golf R400 concept may no longer be headed to production, reportedly succumbing to the emissions scandal.

The R400 is not fueled by diesel, however its most influential and vocal proponent, former research-and-development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser, was among several top executives ousted in the wake of the cheating revelations.

Sources have told Automotive News the company is still developing the R400’s EA888 engine adaptation, but the high-performance mill will likely be limited to Audi models.

Interestingly, VW earlier this month hinted at a ‘surprise’ to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI. The comments were interpreted as a possible reference to the R400.

VW executives may have not completely rejected a high-performance Golf. The latest report suggests the next-generation Golf R could bring a significant power increase above the current model’s 292 horsepower. It could also take advantage of lightweight technologies to shed a few hundred pounds.

The company has not yet publicly confirmed the allegations.