VW Group Track Review: Golf R Versus Audi RS3

The VW group offers several options to go for if you want an all-wheel drive hot hatchback. The lesser option is the Golf R, and then there are the two more powerful Audis: the S3 and RS3.

As past comparatives have pointed out, while the S3 has similar performance numbers to the Golf R, it’s the VW that ends up being called the winner, especially if it’s an on-track review.

The Golf R is said to be more engaging and have better steering, so EVO went around to pitting it against the more powerful RS3 on track.

Obviously the RS3 has the upper edge on acceleration, with a 60 hp advantage over the Golf, but is it any sharper to drive than the S3?

Scroll down to the video posted below to see how the track test unfolded!

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