VW will recall 2.46 million cars in Germany

VW will recall 2.46 million cars in Germany

Plans for Volkswagen’s first major recall campaign to address the TDI emissions scandal in Europe have been leaked to German newspaper Die Welt (via Reuters).

Volkswagen’s first push will come at home, where 2.46 million Volkswagen, Audi, ┼ákoda and SEAT vehicles equipped with the company’s 1.2-, 1.6- and 2.0-liter TDI engines. More than a million of those vehicles fall under the Volkswagen nameplate alone.

The fix for 1.6- and 2.0L cars, which involves modifying the air intake system and updating the ECU software, was outlined by Volkswagen in a public statement last week. This latest report indicates that the 1.2L engine’s shortfalls may be correctable with a software update alone.

No fix for U.S.-market vehicles has yet been announced. The latest report regarding the recently incorporated 3.0L diesel engines suggests that non-complying vehicles will require corrective action, rather than paperwork clarification. The company has admitted that hardware refits are under consideration to fix some models, though the four-cylinder engines sold in the United States are expected to require the costliest modifications.

A urea-injection system, which significantly slashes nitrogen oxide emissions, came standard with the higher-end V6-powered nameplates but was omitted from most of the less-expensive four-cylinder models, reportedly due to cost considerations.

Owners who wish to know if their vehicles are currently subject to EPA/CARB investigations can visit vwdieselinfo.com.