Watch The New Audi Q5 Come To Life In Mexico

Late last week, production of the brand new Audi Q5 kicked off at the German marque’s recently-constructed Mexican production facility.

Capable of producing up to 150,000 vehicles annually, the facility is a feat of modern engineering and, as this in-depth video shows, utilizes a plethora of robots and skilled technicians to bring the new SUV to life.

Most of the 2017 Q5 is built by machines, particularly its MLB Evo platform which uses aluminum, composite materials and high-strength steel in its construction. The production line sees the Q5 shells pass through numerous stages, including welding, which is entirely automated, as is the paint shop.

As with lots of other vehicles, skilled workers play a pivotal role in the assembly of the new Q5, aiding in the marriage of the powertrain to the body. Workers also ensure that each and every Q5 to leave the plant has a perfect fit and finish.