Wheelsandmore presents 2017 Audi R8 packing 850 hp

Wheelsandmore presents 2017 Audi R8 packing 850 hp image

The flagship sports car from the four-ringed brand is already packing a punch thanks to the V10 engine shared with the Lamborghini Huracan that produces no less than 610 horsepower.

But when talking about the aftermarket sector, there are two directions a tuner can go – modify the looks, which can result in pretty conflicting responses, or increase the power. The latter case will never be negatively regarded. Which is why the company called Wheelsandmore has made a credo into delivering… cool wheels and also a consistent power increase. In the case of the R8 V10 plus, the new situation has added no less than 240 new ponies for a stable total of 850. This means we have an ECU update, new injectors, forged connecting rods, high-performance pistons and a different flywheel. Showing they know their deal, the guys over at Wheelsandmore also came up with a Drexler locking differential.

The company also delivered a hand-made exhaust system and some bespoke graphics. And because it’s called Wheels…andmore, the company also fitted the Audi with custom black alloys with a golden lip: 9.5×20 front and 12×21 rear. The ally set has been shod in 255/30/20 Continental Sport Contact 5P and 325/25/21 rubber for the front and rear, respectively.