World’s Fastest Audi R8 Lives Up To Its Name At Texas Invitational Event

If we wouldn’t know any better, we could say that’s a stock Audi R8 with after market alloys. In fact, looks are deceiving: this particular car puts down more than 2,100 HP.

You really have to give it up to Underground Racing for doing such a great job with this build. The car is a GT spec previous generation R8, which in standard form comes with 560 PS and 540 Nm (398 lb-ft) of torque that’s good enough for a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint of 3.6 seconds.

You know what’s better than that though? Letting the guys from Underground Racing have their way with it and turn it into a 2,100+ HP twin-turbo beast.

On top of that, this R8 is sitting on Toyo R888 street-legal tires, which can only boost its credibility while on the drag strip – where rivals often show up wearing racing tires.

This car peaked at 213 mph (342 km/h) at the Texas Invitational Fall 2015 event, edging out two heavily-tuned Corvettes in rounds 1 and 2 before moving on to defeat an equally powerful twin turbo Gallardo in the semi-final.

The final run was against a 2,200+ HP T1 Nissan GT-R, which managed to peak at 210 mph (337 km/h), though not quick enough to defeat this incredibly fast R8.

Speaking of which, this is the same R8 that accidentally went into neutral and couldn’t put up a fight against the AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R a few months back.

That would have been a heck of a race.


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