Yes, Audi Has Built An A3 Cabriolet With Six Doors And Eight Seats

Why would Audi build a stretched A3 Cabriolet with six doors and eight seats? The answer to this question is anyone’s guess, but the car is as real as it gets.

Judging from one of the photos posted on Audi Germany’s Facebook page, it appears that the car is a project built by apprentices as part of their training, but this has not been confirmed by official information.

Based on the previous generation Audi A3 Cabriolet, the one-off creation features a stretched wheelbase that allows it to accommodate one extra rear bench and two additional doors, allowing it to transport eight people (including the driver). The photos do not reveal whether the car has a roof or not.

The presence of the Bavarian flag on the passenger-side fender may indicate that the car will be used as a parade vehicle, but that’s only our guess. Why Bavaria? Because Audi is headquartered in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt.

If you know more about this project feel free to share information with us in the commentary section.

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