Yes, The Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Is Getting a Movie

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In the wake of the Volkswagen #Dieselgate scandal, Paramount pictures has acquired the rights to what could be the most riveting film ever about an automotive recall. It would be funny if it were not so entirely predictable.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount purchased a proposal for a film by author Jack Ewing, who has been covering the scandal for the New York Times, but Paramount was not alone. The pitch was acquired in by the large production company, along with Appian Way, the production company owned by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a noted environmentalist.


The aspect that the proposed film would cover is that of decisions and meetings of high-level executives at Volkswagen, and their plans to use software that would cheat on U.S. EPA emissions tests while touting the clean diesel aspects of their cars.

Volkswagen CEO Michael Horn says the company knew about the cheating on a large scale as far back as 2014 and there are even reports that suggest cars as old as 2009 models had the cheat software in place.


We’re sure it will be an interesting look into the inner workings of a company that systemically worked to cheat on a regulator’s test. One can’t help but wonder why this scandal, with its environmental impact warrants a movie, when the injuries, deaths, and attempted coverups that resulted from the Takata airbag issues of the last year.

Did this project simply get the green-light because Leo has a green thumb? Or is this story really more compelling than the deadly Takata scandal? Lets us know what you think in the comments below.

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