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This is because there is “overlapping” membership among the many social clubs around the country. Now that the upper class, corporate community, and policy-planning network have been defined and described, it is possible to discuss the leadership group that i call the “power elite. America dominates the global stock market. It is also important for their sense of unity that corporate leaders see themselves as sharing common opponents in organized labor, environmentalists, consumer advocates, and government officials. Upper-class and corporate dominance of the major nonprofit organizations can be seen in their founding by wealthy members of the upper class and in their reliance on large corporations for their funding.

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Using money from wealthy donors, corporations, and foundations, think tanks hire the experts produced by the graduate departments of the elite universities. Members of the power elite directly involve themselves in the federal government through three basic processes, each of which has a slightly different role in ensuring “access” to the white house, congress, and specific agencies, departments, and committees in the executive branch. But as president james.