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Don pulled me to him and we cuddled under the sheets, the only cover we were told we would need. I guess “fire” would be close, because it’s not strawberry blonde but not orange either. I’ve always been the oddball and very opinionated. This couldn’t be that moment in time, could it? it might mess up all your important plans! these couldn’t be the words of wisdom & truth either, right? Mansfield to find out, i’d suggest you take that robe off, right fucking now. The envelope had come from the bank that amy and her husband had financed their home through. The only thing that mattered was removing every barrier that existed between our bodies.


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Redhead wife stories.


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Paul, valerie’s laptop is acting up, would you mind taking a look at it?” his mother asked in that well known voice most mothers have, the tone that lets you know their question isn’t a question at all, but a command. A young couple is in for a treat with their older neighbour. Thanks for your comment.

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