First Drive Review 2016 Audi TTS: This one’s just right

February 25, 2016 0

In the course of a year we see our fair share of cars. Most we like, some we don’t, others get nothing more than a ‘meh’. Kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some cars are too ‘this’ or too ‘that’, and rarely just right. All those cars, we average one a week, tend … read more

2016 Audi TT RS spied during cold weather testing

February 9, 2016 0

The next-generation Audi TT RS has been spotted by our spy photographers in Sweden doing some cold weather testing.
Unlike the vehicle that was spotted in October 2015, this prototype is trying to evade the world’s prying eyes by going almost completely incognito — not normally an accusation we’d … read more

Your Chiropractor Will Love the 2016 Audi TTS: Review

January 1, 2016 0

The consensus among traditional performance enthusiasts is that the Audi TT is a niche in the mid-range sports car segment. But being a niche in a segment that’s filled with sales giants like the Corvette isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Opposite cars like the performance-oriented Cayman, the TT has … read more

Audi TT RS will probably look like this render

November 15, 2015 0

The forthcoming Audi TT RS is being unofficially previewed by one of our readers courtesy of a speculative render that uses as foundation the latest batch of spy images.
You probably have seen your fair share of spy shots with the next generation TT RS and now it’s time to take a look at a render … read more

2016 Audi TT Coupe

November 9, 2015 0

Instrumented Test From the November 2015 issue Imagine you’re an aluminum ingot hot from the smelter, facing all future possibilities. You could be a sheet of foil tented loosely over a platter of resting meat, or the can keeping a fistful of beer contained in the griller’s hand. Maybe you’ll … read more

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